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BioGrad Education – Medical Ethics – Gold Residential – August 2024

Starting out with the deceptively simple question “What Is Medical Ethics?”, the foundation for this programme is discussion and debate with every afternoon ending with groups splitting into two to discuss a pressing topic in modern medicine using topics ripped directly from today’s headlines. Students will come away from the course with new insights and the varied viewpoints of their peers giving them a different view on the most important topics in medicine today.

• What is Medical Ethics
• History of Medical Ethics and The Four Pillars
• Ethics of Consent
• Social Media Use and Personal Responsibility
• Disparities in Healthcare

The programme is taught with a very low student-to-tutor ratio, so you will likely meet several doctors during your time with us. This also allows you to spend as much time as necessary to consolidate your understanding and practice techniques until you are confident.

Course date:
19th August 2024
Course location:
Course fee:
£999 + Accommodation Fees (currently £90/night)

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