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BioGrad Pre-Med Residential – Liverpool Science Park

BioGrad’s state of the art clinical training facility boasts 5 clinical units, each with their own bed, PC, spirometer, ECG machine and sphygmomanometer. It also houses a cardiac assessment unit with exercise equipment for rehabilitation and its own laboratory where students perform ELISA’s for the detection of HIV and blood typing for a blood transplant in an emergency setting.

The course offers a unique opportunity for intensive clinical and laboratory experience taught by qualified clinicians and research scientists. You will leave this residential course with professional photos for your LinkedIn account and endorsements from our staff, plus a UCAS reference which will be sent to your school (if requested) to help support university applications.

The course lasts for 5 consecutive days during school holidays from 9.30am- 4pm, with evening activities available group dining, cinema trips, city tours and ClueFinders.

Courses cost £696 per student (with instalment and partial payment options available) plus £80 for half board accommodation.

Further information available at: www.biograd.co.uk/clinical-skills-and-medical-research-training-course.php