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Bronze 3 day- Complete your whole section- 25th-27th October

Mud and Maps is offering an intense 3 day expedition experience during October half tern for small expedition teams of 4 to 7 or Individuals.

We will support you with training and navigation plus a 2 day qualifying expedition experience.

We have multiply opportunities for expedition teams to join us.
Email [email protected] for info

If you have a team of 4 or more you can book us in for your group only. Subject to availability


.Each young people will:-
have their own cooker to use ,
have their own map to use
overnight camping is not required until July 21 so the young people can return home after cooking their evening meal and return the next day.
where possible we have hired our own toilet block for the expedition.
we have changed the routes to remote footpaths away from people.
training will either take place outside in open space or in our unit in small expedition teams. No more than 7 people at one time.
head scanner thermometers will be used on everyone who comes on expedition
visors will be recommended when 2 meters apart becomes tricky such as when a group get lost and need to discuss on the map where they are at a 1 meter distance.
parents will get different drop off and start times to limit the amount of people in an area at any one time.
hand sanitizer pop up stations will be available where we have no access to fresh running water.
all staff have been trained in dynamic risk assessing so we will be out walking the routes checking for any issues and changing the route accordingly.
all equipment will have been wiped down and have more than 3 days where it has been stored between uses. Where possible we will rotate the stock so it’s used every other week.
young people can bring equipment from home if they do not want to use ours.
if silver and golds Stay over we have paid for private land use and toilet blocks just for our young people.
open expedition where young people do not know each other will have small expedition teams of 4.
Each expedition will be risked assessed individually, we will adapt the expedition with guidance from each school and the parents! Expedition by expedition

Course date:
Course location:
London, Essex and Surrey
Course fee:
£120 plus VAT