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Bushcraft & Survival Residential

DofE Gold Residentials for 2019 now available to book. April 22-26. July 29- August 2. August 19-23 & August 26-30. Full week of bushcraft and survival skills. Canadian canoeing on the Trent. Experience sleeping in Mongolian Yurts with wood burner, Tree Tents, Hammocks, Survival Shelters and under the stars. Using traditional and modern bushcraft tools you will have opportunity to fine tune your skills to make and take home an array of rustic wooden crafts, from stools to bow and arrow to a kazoo and a bull-roarer to name but a few! Rural Pride Outdoor Learning Centre offers a unique opportunity for your Gold Residential at our exciting woodland site in the heart of Derbyshire. Brickyard Wood is a 9 acre woodland developed to create a sense of isolation that helps you explore your natural survival instincts with the added extra of expert tuition in survival and bushcraft. Imagine you have become stranded on this wooded deserted island with your fellow survivors and see how quickly you can adapt to life in the wild and build lifelong friendships. You will need to make shelter quickly to protect you from the elements and of course build a fire for cooking! The fee for this experience includes all meals, canoeing, a swim at our local leisure centre. All inclusive, all you need is you and a bit of camping kit!

For more information, or to book, please contact us on [email protected] or visit our webpage at Click here

Course date:
April 22-26
July 29- August 2
August 19-23
August 26-30
Course location:
Radbourne Derbyshire
Course fee: