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Cambridgeshire County Council – Bushcraft Residential

Come and spend 5 days in our pristine private woodland.

Learn lots of new Bushcraft and Survival skills.

We spend the days learning woodland management skills, fire lighting(including fire by friction), carving cutlery and whistles, pouch making, cord making, axe use, simple furniture making, game prep, basket making, shelter building and lots more.

The evenings are spent cooking 2 or 3 course sumptuous dinners over a campfire, from fresh ingredients. In fact previous participants have said “We feel like we have been on a cookery course as well as learning bushcraft”.
eg we have trout, venison, falafel, burritos plus lots more. All diets catered for. We even have 2 and 3 course breakfasts!

You will leave with lots of new skills as well as a new group of friends.
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