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Campsies Open Gold Qualifying Expedition – October 2020

We will be running a Gold Qualifying expedition ‘with a difference’ this October. In order to minimize risks associated with COVID-19 we have been afforded the flexibility by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to run a gold expedition out with a wild country area and without camping. Participants will return to home each of the three nights of the expedition. The expedition will take place in the Campsie Fells, to the north of Glasgow and will suit participants from the city. The Campsies cover a big area, about 400 square kilometers. The hills are made of 300 million year old basalts and form a plateau at about 400m – 600m in height, surrounded by cliffs and steep slopes. For more information contact Alastair Ewen 07427326697.

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Central Scotland - Campsie Fells
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