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Cardrome Learner Centre, Hornchurch, Essex

This unique twelve acre private road complex has a road system with traffic lights, a roundabout, hill start area and all the usual road junctions and road signs. You can’t get a driving licence in the UK until you’re 17 but, at CARDROME LEARNER CENTRE, you can learn to drive before you turn 17. At Cardrome we encourage learning to drive properly from a younger age to gain more experience and knowledge of not only practical driving but also highway code (theory) and hazard perception. We’ll put you behind the wheel in one of our dual controlled cars. Let one of our fully qualified ADI driving instructors teach you how to start, drive, brake, corner, change gear, stop and even reverse.

Move your life up a gear, learn to drive now!

If you require any further iformation please dont hesitate to contact me directly.
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01708 471 340 | 01708 437 374