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Casualties Union

Casualties Union provides trained volunteers to simulate injuries and medical conditions in order to improve realism in training, particularly for the medical professions, the emergency services, first aid and rescue. The minimum age for membership is 8 years with no maximum limit.

The simulation is achieved by using make-up, acting, scene setting and understanding the background and context of the chosen scenario, including any health and safety issues. Within these areas Casualties Union offers a structured training programme aimed to improve knowledge, expertise and an ability to plan and to prioritise. Once an approved level of expertise has been achieved there are opportunities to put these new found skills into practice when “casualties” are requested at an incident.

If you would like to use this activity for your skills section activity please check with your DofE leader first.

website: www.casualtiesunion.org.uk
email: [email protected] 
tel: 08700 780590
Casualties Union Headquarters
PO Box 1942
London E17 6YU