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Chase Training Solutions – OPEN BRONZE EXPEDITION (with a practice)

Having over 40 years’ experience of delivering the DofE Expedition section across the UK and abroad, we welcome individuals and small groups from any DofE Group, to join our 2020 expeditions. Our Bronze expedition training, practice and qualifying expeditions in the Long Mynd area of Shropshire, are designed for those participants who wish to follow the more ‘traditional’ method of completing the Bronze DofE Expedition section by including a practice expedition.

Expedition training only: 13th – 15th April; 25th – 27th May; 2nd – 4th August; 24th – 26th October
Combined expedition training and practice expedition: 13th – 18th April; 25th – 30th May; 2nd – 7th August; 24th- 29th October.

Practice or qualifying expedition: 15th – 18th April; 27th – 30th May; 4th – 7th August; 26th – 29th October.

The cost of the training is £110.00 per participant. Your payment covers all aspects of the training programme and campsite/indoor accommodation fees.

The cost of the practice or qualifying expedition, per participant, is £135.00. Your payment covers the cost of administration, safety supervision/assessment and campsite/indoor accommodation fees, meals prior to and after the expedition.

If you register for all three aspects of the ‘open’ Bronze expedition programme (training, practice & qualifying expeditions), the total cost is reduced to £330.00 per participant. For further details, please contact us on 01527 575929 or 07734 567750 Email [email protected] or check our website