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Chase Training Solutions deliver a comprehensive combined training and practice expedition programme for the Gold Expedition section that ensures each participant has the required skills, knowledge and attitude, to complete their practice and qualifying expeditions in a safe and enjoyable manner, which also helps to promote a positive experience whilst undertaking this aspect of their Gold DofE Programme. It is run by a team of experienced and qualified instructors, all of whom have sound knowledge of DofE expeditions. Individuals and groups are welcome to join our combined open Gold expedition training for 2019 on either of the following dates: 14th – 19th April;
26th – 31st May. The area of the Brecon Beacons – Black Mountain area is used for the training and practice expedition and includes the opportunity for participants to undertake the expedition training at Gold level, with emphasis on additional navigation techniques, enabling participants to develop confidence at navigating, and other aspects required to successfully complete practice and qualifying expeditions. The cost of the combined training and practice expedition (6 days) is £310.00 per participant. Your payment covers administration; all aspects of the training programme; accommodation; breakfast and evening meals during the training; breakfast prior to your expedition; safety provision and campsite fees. For further details, please contact us on 01527 575929 Email [email protected] or check our website: www.chasetrainingsolutions.co.uk

Course location:
Brecon Beacons National Park
Course fee: