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Creative Short Courses – Nottingham Trent University – Car Design Residential for 15 – 17 Year Olds

Explore contemporary approaches to car design on this unique one-week course.

The car industry has seen rapid changes to how vehicles are designed: whilst the trend is to use digital technologies to create visuals, every great car design begins with an idea on paper.

On this course you’ll build confidence in getting your ideas down on paper and develop fundamental design skills.

You’ll take your ideas from sketches into perspective drawings that could be used by 3D modellers in the design process.

The course is ideal if you’re interested in cars and how they are designed, or are thinking of further studies in product design, industrial design or transport design.

It’s also for anyone with a keen interest in drawing looking for a creative challenge.

You’ll develop your creative thinking to design your own car with a distinct personality, considering the way it should look, how it should be shaped and what features it should have.

You will design the interior and exterior of your concept car, and learn how form and style link to the function of a vehicle, understanding proportions and perspectives.

You’ll also work as a group to design a car from a set brief for a new type of car, developing your team-working and technical drawing skills to visualise a concept.

During the course you will:

– learn how to design in different perspectives
– create car design concepts from your own inspiration and from a brief
– look at current car design concepts and discuss how their personality and style is driven by their brand DNA
– explore your car design from different points of view
– learn about style and function in automobile design
– discuss how a 3D modeller would interpret your plans
– present your project ideas to others
– consider the future of car design.

You will be introduced to techniques through seminars, group demonstrations and discussion, feedback and tutorials.

By the end of the course you’ll be able to recognise the different stages of design development for a car and you’ll leave with sketches, concepts, perspective drawings and plans for your portfolio.

You’ll have gained confidence in presenting your ideas to others and developed a range of transferable design skills.

You should have an interest in product, industrial or car design and in developing your creative thinking and drawing skills.

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Nottingham Trent University
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