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Creative Short Courses – Nottingham Trent University – Concept Art for Game Design Residential for 15 – 17 Year Olds

On this practical course you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the latest concept art techniques and create successful characters and environments for game design using Adobe Creative Suite and Wacom tablets.

You’ll be creating a world of your own, developing a personal approach to either real-life, fantasy, sci-fi or cartoon concept art.

You can have little or no previous knowledge to attend and you can have any drawing ability – you will still achieve great results!

This course is ideal for anyone who’d like some fun, hands-on experience turning their ideas into creative, original artworks for game design.

You’ll start by learning how to combine traditional art techniques with digital drawing skills and have a go with some more advanced software in 3D modelling.

On this course you will:

– use a combination of hand drawing, collage and digital drawing techniques
– develop your drawing skills from observation and imagination
– explore perspective drawing and sketching quickly to get ideas down on paper
– undertake visual research and create mood boards
– explore different design styles and the inspirations behind characters and their environment
– discuss the work of industry-level concept artists
– visualise your character and setting to create a convincing game concept.

To bring your concept to life you will then:

– make your character 3D on the screen to show all angles of their appearance
– use Adobe Photoshop to draw and paint your concept
– learn how lighting affects your drawings and makes a character seem real
– look at existing games to understand gameplay and appreciate how an artwork will be experienced by those playing the game
– learn effective ways to communicate your ideas from initial idea to presentation.

By the end of the course you’ll have developed a compelling character and generated an engaging concept for a game.

You’ll also leave with a range of work for your portfolio including development sketches and finished images, and technical notes to continue working on your software skills.

You’ll have gained experience of what it’s like to be a design student at university, and an understanding of what admissions tutors are looking for.

You should have an enthusiasm for gaming and design and an interest in developing your creative and technical skills.

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Nottingham Trent University
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