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Cumulus Outdoors Gold Residential Revision Special with Adventure Activities

Located in the coastal town of Swanage in Dorset, your accommodation for the week will be a purpose built bungalow within the grounds of our residential centre together with a maximum of 15 others on a self-catering basis.

Mornings consist of classroom based teacher-led revision sessions with short breaks and mini activity challenges because we know revising is so much better in smaller chunks with regular breaks.
Then learn new skills and re-vitalise your brain cells with awesome outdoor adventures in the afternoons.
Activities include climbing, abseiling, and coasteering on the Jurassic Coast at Dancing Ledge, the Dorset waterpark in Corfe Castle and urban orienteering in Swanage. Challenge yourself to do something new and exciting!

Evenings are free for personal study and social time; study is halted at 8.30pm and then it is time get to know your housemates and make new friends.
You and your team will also be responsible for keeping everyone well fed and maintaining a clean and tidy bungalow! Develop your life skills in readiness for uni with menu planning, shopping, cooking and household tasks. Plus leadership, logistics, budget handling, kit selection and team building: You may find yourself leading the team or being responsible for time keeping or the group kitty. All are great skills to master for your future!

Course date:
Course location:
Swanage, Dorset, UK
Course fee:
£299.00 + £30.00 cash for the food kitty