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RESOLVEit Digital Personal Safety Campaign. Bronze volunteering.

Do you want to make a difference to the lives of others while completing your Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) award?

We have opportunities across the UK for DofE participants and you’ll receive all the training and support you need, as well as gaining some great experience.

Who are we?
RESOLVEit is a Community Interest Company, specialising in personal safety. As an approved activity provider our volunteering campaign can count towards the achievement of your award!

Using modern technology, you will design marketing material for a safety campaign in your local school community.

You will be trained to become a RESOLVEit safety hero.
Taking part in this campaign will allow you to express your creativity on socials whilst making a positive difference in your local community and helping others understand the importance of personal safety.

Throughout this opportunity you will gain new accomplishments and knowledge applicable to the rest of your life; alongside providing you future employability and college skills.

Get involved with RESOLVEit to make a difference, keep others safe all whilst having fun and gaining a new knowledge skillset to achieve your DofE Bronze Volunteering.

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