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With having over 40 years’ experience delivering the DofE Expedition section across the UK, at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, we have found that the needs of schools and organisations differ, therefore, our high quality, affordable expeditions can be tailored to ensure that your life as a DofE Manager or Coordinator is made as easy as possible and the needs of your participants are met.  We offer a bespoke service ensuring that your exact requirements are met, whether this be a series of sessions delivered at your school or centre, or specially designed residential training weekends. We deliver a comprehensive training programme that ensures each participant has the required skills, knowledge and attitude, to complete their practice and qualifying expeditions in a safe and enjoyable manner, which also helps to promote a positive experience whilst undertaking this aspect of their DofE.  We do not compromise safety, or the importance of the training topics required to be completed, as part of the Expedition section, prior to undertaking a practice expedition, and is in keeping with the spirit and ethos of the DofE Programme.  With an outstanding reputation for safety and ‘best practice’, we can offer memorable, challenging, and beneficial experiences, which are available to all DofE participants from any background, DofE Centre, or organisation, and with prices starting from just £165.00 per participant at Bronze level, for a complete training, practice and qualifying expedition package, offers excellent value for money. For further details, please contact Chase Training Solutions on 01527 575929 or 07734 567750 Email [email protected] or check our website: www.chasetrainingsolutions.co.uk