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DofE Gold 12-month online cookery course

Become confident and capable in the kitchen over 12 months and about 50+ recipes, choosing to cook weekly, fortnightly or have a monthly feast. Be will guide you through the year with fun, ease and professional teaching.

You will have access to all of the 3-month courses (Starting Off, Simple Suppers and Plant-based Suppers) and then choose recipes for the final stage from the library of over 100 recipes in the Be in the Kitchen Lockdown 8 Weeks Series. Be will also be adding an exciting additional 3-month course next July, when she has completed her Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma in June 2021, which can be used if preferred to complete the course.
During the final phase of the course you will choose a selection of recipes to cover breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner and create a finale feast which will be able to enjoy as a celebration of completing a wonderful culinary year.
Be will provide a report for you after each 6-week stage, then complete and submit your Assessors Report at the end with a well-earned certificate. Professional, yet informal teaching, each course has over 3 1/2 hours of videos of Be in her kitchen, often with students. Plenty of close-up photos and very clear guidance on how to make sure the recipes are successful every time.
Browse the recipes for each 3-month course to whet your appetite: (https://www.beinthekitchen.uk/the-school/-)
To book you place on the DofE Gold 12 month course click here: https://www.beinthekitchen.uk/the-school/dofe-online-cookery-workshops/dofe-online-gold-12-month-cookery-course.html

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