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DofE Gold Residential Voyage

Start Date: 24/08/2020
End Date: 28/08/2020
Vessel: Tall Ships Challenger
Days: 5
Age: 16 to 25
Start and End Port: Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth
Voyage Grade: 2
Bursary: Up to £140 – https://www.tallships.org/bursaries
Price: £489

Set sail for the adventure of a lifetime and work towards the residential section of your gold DofE award on board an iconic 72ft Challenger racing yacht.

Throughout this five day voyage, you will experience the thrill of sailing a round-the-world racing yacht in one of the world’s most famous sailing waters, the Solent. You will learn fundamental aspects of sailing and, as well as your Gold DofE residential, you will work towards you nationally accredited RYA Start Yachting qualification.

Having hoisted the sails, you will get involved with all aspects of sailing from cooking and cleaning, to learning how to handle the boat. You will experience sail handling, rope work, safely on board, navigation and even have the chance to steer the boat!

Please note in line with current Government and DofE guidelines, you will not be able to stay on board over night and will need to arrange alternative accommodation alone for the duration of the voyage (e.g. home/hotel/Air B&B/camp). Each day will start and end in Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth and you will experience at least 8 hours of sailing every day. For further information please contact [email protected]allships.org

Covid-19 guidance

Our priority is, and always has been, safety whilst on board. Sailing has never been risk-free, so we are used to assessing and managing risk, and for us, Covid-19 is no different. Tall Ships is following – and in some cases exceeding – the Royal Yachting Association and Government guidelines to reduce the risks of infection to the lowest possible level. We take all practical measures to ensure that those who are sailing with us arrive in good health, join a boat which has been sanitised and, to the extent possible, adhere to the contemporary hygiene and social distancing guidelines on board.

Please note that to ensure the safety of everyone on board, you will be asked to sign our Voyage Crew Information form and carry out a Covid test and self-isolate three days before joining the boat.

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Portsmouth, Hampshire
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