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DofE Open Silver Canoe Qualifying Expedition

We are delivering an Open Silver Qualifying Expedition by Canoe on the River Soar & River Trent in May 2020. Our Open Expeditions by Canoe are a unique way of doing your DofE Expedition on some of the UK’s picturesque rivers.

Participants will need to have completed all required Training & Practice Expedition, and are welcome to attend our own expedition in the East Midlands in April 2020.

Dates: 27-30 May 2020
Price: £255.00 per person

Price includes all expedition supervision and assessment costs, group equipment, canoes and canoeing equipment, paddlesport dry bags, and all campsite fees. Full information packs are sent out on completion of registration details.

To apply, please visit our website (www.karosadventure.com/open-dofe-expeditions) and click on the Application Form button.

Course date:
27-30 May 2020
Course location:
River Severn
Course fee:
£255.00 per person