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Dog and Cat Rescue in Thailand – Gold Residential with Pod Volunteer

Join Pod Volunteer to support the vital work being done by the local team by caring for dogs and cats in need, set on a stunning tropical island.

How can I help?
The Dog and Cat Rescue project works to control the overpopulation of dogs and cats on the island and care for animals who have been injured and/or abused.

You will support the team by helping to walk the dogs, clean the shelters and feed the animals. You can assist the veterinary team with animal treatments and work alongside the centre to help promote animal welfare within the local community. Many people are aware of the problems of stray dogs and poor veterinary treatment of animals in Thailand, but few get to make a difference; this project provides you with this opportunity!

When can I join?
Any day throughout the year (although weekends are preferred) for placements of 3-12 weeks.

Where will I be living?
Volunteers share a room at the centre with one other volunteer and bathroom facilities are shared. There are communal areas to relax, eat and socialise in and WIFI.

Koh Lanta is popular tourist destination, the island is known for long, sandy beaches and scuba diving. There is a lot to do on your day off, including exploring the many beaches, spending time in the national park, visiting a historic Chinese fishing village and enjoying the stunning mangroves and caves!

Placement fee
Volunteer placements start from £645 for 3 weeks. This includes accommodation, breakfast every day and weekday lunches, a t shirt and vest + planning your trip support from the Pod team.

To learn more about the Dog and Cat Rescue project and the next steps on how to apply you can visit our website: https://www.podvolunteer.org/projects/dog-and-cat-rescue-thailand

Pod Volunteer has a range of opportunities from 1-12 weeks at animal, conservation, child care support, education and teaching, building and community volunteering projects in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. You can see the full range projects that are available for your Gold Residential Award here: https://www.podvolunteer.org/projects#comboFilters[who]=.who-dofe

You can get in touch with the Pod Volunteer team by email [email protected] or give them call on 01242 241 181.