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Dorset CC – Living History/Archaeology Gold Residential in the Cranborne Chase.

Mon 22 – Fri 26 July 2019.

cost tbc

This unequalled Gold Residential experience will take place at The Ancient Technology Centre in Dorset alongside Dorset County Council’s qualified and experienced Outdoor Education staff.

The Centre is situated serenely on a chalk hillside next to the village of Cranborne in the Cranborne Chase and houses several reconstructed buildings from the Stone Age to Viking periods.  The week will include learning various tradition construction techniques (e.g. cob, thatch, carpentry and green woodworking) using authentic tools and assisting in the repair and maintenance of our buildings and site.

Participants will also be given the chance to experience other “hands on” ancient skills such as traditional fire making, authentic cookery, medieval combat techniques such as sword and knife fighting, rope and cordage making, monolith moving and storytelling.

To complete your journey back into time your shared accommodation will be in our fabulous reconstructed Viking Longhouse.

email [email protected] to begin your quest.