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Elite Journey – Award-Winning International Business and Entrepreneurship Course

The online Business Course is a brand-new online course teaching a broad range of key business concepts and life skills which they put straight into practice in a delectable dining challenge.

In our Farm-To-Table Investment Challenge students will enter the Elite Journey Boardroom in teams of young social entrepreneurs. Have you ever heard the expression “you are what you eat”? To fulfil their brief, students will become experts in the farm-to-table movement in a bid to answer the following driving question: How can you design a restaurant business that is simultaneously financially viable, sustainable, and healthy?

Students will develop their own restaurant and through weekly briefings be faced with a series of challenges that they must solve in order to grow their enterprise.

Like true entrepreneurs, students will learn along the way about setting up their exciting new enterprise, with lessons and workshops each day covering everything they need to know from finance to marketing. Students will follow the MBA learning model by covering a broad range of key business concepts in the online classroom and applying their learnings directly to the real-world simulation.
Course Length: 2 hours a week for 10 weeks
*For DofE participants, an additional homework activity would be included to extend the course to the 3 month minimum Skills requirement.

Course date:
1st October 2021
Course location:
Course fee:
£200 - £10 per hour of learning