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Elite Journey – Award-Winning International Journalism and Media Literacy Course

The news and what is ‘newsworthy’ have always been subjective, but it has never been so dangerous or extreme as today. The Journalism and Media Literacy Course is created to address these issues for our students. Students will learn the techniques journalists use to cut past the noise and find the truth. They’ll also work on a team to create their own newspaper / magazine. This experience will be invaluable for empowering students with critical thinking, good research habits, effective communicative and writing skills, and the independence to find the truth on their own. New media requires new skills. Journalism and Media Literacy will allow students to protect themselves as an informed reader, to thrive as an aspiring journalist, or both.
Course Length: 1.5 hours a week for 12 weeks

For group bookings, please enquire and we can schedule bespoke times to suit you.

Course date:
1st October 2021
Course location:
Course fee:
£180 - £15 per lesson