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Practice or Qualifying Expedition – The aim of this expedition is a really exciting opportunity to research the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross which took place in Herefordshire on 2nd February 1461 and to obtain historical, geographical and literary evidence. Currently there is a Heritage Lottery Funded project, called the Mortimer Cross Battle Project which, with the help of professionals, will try to establish the exact location of the Battle Site. This expedition has been designed at their request.
DAY 1: Assemble in Leominster for route planning and kit checking and to get know one another.
DAY 2: To walk from Leominster to Kingsland along your chosen route, to the Buzzards camp site.
DAY 3: To walk from Kingsland to Leominster following your chosen route which will take you across the site of the Battle.
You will be invited to make your presentation after your Qualifying Expedition to members of the Board
Cost £130 per person, Tents and Trangias and Maps will be provided.
For further information please contact Dennis Downey, 01568 614411 OR 07787 331 863
Email [email protected] Website www.walkherefordshire.com

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