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Expedition Supervisor Training Course – online course

Course provided by the DofE.

This virtual course is being funded by the DofE Northern Ireland for adults resident in Northern Ireland running DofE in Licensed Organisations to support more young people during these challenging times. The normal cost of this course is £35.00.

The Expedition Supervisor training course covers: understanding the role of the Expedition Supervisor, Assessor and other adults involved in the delivery of the Expedition section; Understanding the process of remote supervision; Understanding the importance of emergency procedures; Understanding the duty of care held by the Supervisor.

Gaisce – The President’s Award and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award work in partnership through the Joint Award Initiative (JAI) to offer Award participants in Northern Ireland a choice of certification for their achievements. This ESTC course will cover the Joint Award Initiative in more detail.

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Course date:
Course venue:
Online course
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Northern Ireland
Course Director:
Karen Lawther