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Field Studies Council – Marine Science Camp Residential

3rd August – 7th August 2020
A camp for those who are interested in marine biology and marine science. It will include sessions on rocky shore ecology, marine citizen science and marine conservation as well as giving insights into careers in marine biology and higher education courses. Activities will include an exploration of issues and life in a variety of habitats ranging from freshwater ecosystems and estuarine habitats, to the rocky shore and the deepest parts of Plymouth Sound. With field sites in Slapton Ley National Nature Reserve and Marine Conservation Zones, and unmissable opportunities to visit the MBA Labs in Plymouth (including sampling on the MBA Research Vessel Sepia) and take a behind the scenes look at the National Marine Aquarium, this course is a must for any budding marine scientists!
More information can be found on the website or contact 01743 852100 [email protected]

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FSC Slapton Ley, south Devon
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