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First 4 Adventure UK – A Level Summer Maths Course & Outdoor Activity Residential (for current Y11 and 12 students)

For Y11 students just about to start their Y12 Maths A Level: This course is designed to be a bridging course from GCSE to A level and concentrates on the areas of the Maths curriculum that need to be fully understood before attempting Maths at A level. Pupils will work on exercises in proof, algebraic manipulation, quadratic and cubic functions, graphs and vector geometry.

For 12 students: This course aims to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the concepts taught in Year 12 that will be extended in Year 13. The topics covered will be differentiation, integration, trigonometry, hypothesis testing with the Binomial Distribution and kinematics. However, this course will be tailored to suit individual applicants and it is envisaged that much of the sessions will involve guided independent work.

Every day combines a minimum of 3 hours revision with a highly experienced Maths teacher working in small groups with plenty of 1:1 support.

Outdoor activities: Every day we include activities to break up the revision, have some fun and benefit from exercising in the fresh air. Activities may include: archery, climbing, bushcraft & high ropes.

Location & accommodation: We will be staying in a purpose-built centre for groups in Stourbridge, near Birmingham, within 22 acres of private woodland.

Evenings: Choose to take part in organised fun activities, listen to organised talks, do some further revision and play cards & games with new friends.

Food: All frehsly prepared on site.


“Thank you so much for such a great Residential Week, the revision sessions were really productive and being able to ask each other questions was really useful and I will definitely be recommending your company to my DofE coordinator.” William – Maths Student from April 2018 residential

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Course date:
19th - 23rd August
Course location:
North Worcestershire
Course fee:
£475 plus VAT = £570