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FSC Slapton Ley and Adventure Under Sail Gold Residential – Oceanography Under Sail – Tuesday 27th August to Monday 2nd September

A seven day adventure taking you from land to sea exploring elements of oceanography, a science that studies the physical and biological aspects of the ocean. Your time on land at FSC Slapton will help you develop skills that will then be applied and further developed on a sail training voyage as trainee crew aboard the Tall Ship Pelican of London. You will gain essential skills including communication and teamwork, as well as specialist skills including identification, data collection and navigation. You will leave your adventure with an increased understanding of our coasts, the oceans that cover over 70% of our world and how The Tall Ship Pelican operates.

As part of the Pelicans trainee crew you will help sail the ship, heave on lines, steer the vessel, learn about navigation and, if you have a head for heights, climb the rigging. It’s a great way to build your confidence, work as part of a team and use perseverance, initiative and leadership to sail a Tall Ship.

For more information please go to https://www.field-studies-council.org/centres/slapton/slaptonley/learn/fsc-and-adventure-under-sail.aspx 

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Salpton & Dartmouth, Devon
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