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Gold canoe – rivers Severn and Wye – mixed abilities

Practice Expedition: 30th July- 3rd August, River Severn

Qualifying Expedition: 20th– 24th August, River Wye

We appreciate that not every participant is physically capable of participating in an expedition that focuses on journeying time and covering distances, so we offer an alternative; a team who focus more on aim work, completing a shorter, less physically challenging journey each day than our other teams. If needed we can accommodate variations to the 20 conditions to ensure a fair level of challenge for our participants. We consult with participants and their families before the expeditions and during our flexible practice to ensure that the expedition is challenging yet achievable for the whole team. We have experience running expeditions for those with long standing injuries, mobility issues and even entirely deaf groups, and cater sensitively to participants’ needs, providing a high level of medical backup if required. Please see other listing for details about what’s included or drop me an email for more info. The cost for our 10 day Gold Canoe package is £455 per person with the additional £12.50 per day equipment hire (total price of £580).

Website: www.RichAdventure.co.uk

Contact: Claire on 07545 484902/ 01283 684030 [email protected]

Course location:
River Severn, River Wye
Course fee: