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Gold Expedition

Head for the Hill (An approved DofE Activity Provider)
are running Gold Practise and Qualifying expeditions in the Peak District

Monday 31st May to Sunday 6th June 2021

Spend the first few days camping in the beautiful Hope Valley with highly qualified and supportive Instructors helping you to review and improve navigation, teamwork and campcraft skills on the Practise expedition before heading off across the Dark Peak on the 4 day Qualifying expedition.
We will have a training day on Kinver Edge on 16th April to include route planning before the practise expedition takes place.

Monday 31st May: AM: Travel by train or shared lifts to the Hope Valley, Peak District. PM: Set up camp at Glenbrook Guides campsite, cook, eat, create packed lunches and check equipment for first day’s expedition.
Review route plans

Tuesday 1st June: 1st Practise day — 18km lightweight journey (previously planned on training day). Groups shadowed by Instructors. Focus on map reading– particularly contours. Return to Glenbrook. Cook, eat and review first day.

Wednesday 2nd June: 2nd Practise day — 18km journey. Groups under remote supervision, meeting or leaving messages at pre-designated check points. Complete route, return to Glenbrook campsite, cook, eat and review the day — Focus on speed of travel and set distance / time targets for next day.

Thursday 3rd June: 9am: Pack equipment / kit for Qualifying expedition. Review first day route. 10 -11am: Depart for Qualifying expedition under remote supervision. Set up camp at Upper Booth Campsite.

Friday 4th June: Qualifying Expedition—Set up camp at Crowden campsite

Saturday 5th June: Qualifying Expedition—Set up camp at Hagg Farm campsite.

Sunday 6th June: Depart final campsite to complete Qualifying expedition, arriving at Hathersage by 3pm ready for departure. (by train or shared lifts).

Course date:
Course location:
Hope Valley and the Dark Peak
Course fee:
£475 including Practise and Qualifying Expeditions