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Gold Horse Riding Expedition Package with Sam Sykes

Working with Bigland Hall Equine Group, Sam Sykes is proud to offer our 10 day Gold Horse Riding expedition package 2019. Completing your gold expedition on horse back offers unique challenges but tremendous rewards as you explore some of the Lake District’s most beautiful and exposed wilderness on top quality horses. Participants will receive training from industry leading, qualified professionals to ensure both expedition skills and horsemanship is of the required standard ready for their qualifying expedition. This is a 10 day package that allows participants from 16 – 24 to complete their training, practice expedition and qualifying expedition with an assessor report per group. Places are limited to just 7, so book early avoid disappointment. Please note, places are reserved for competent riders who have proven experience in the saddle.

Expedition Package dates –
Training and practice – 22 – 26 July 2019
Qualifying – 19 – 23 August 2019

Course date:
Course location:
Lake District
Course fee:
£1650 + VAT