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Gold Open Expedition

This is an Open Expedition spread over two separate weeks with one more place available to someone unable to complete their expedition as a group. You are allowed to join this expedition outside of your DofE group!

Practice 8-12 July; Qualifying 21-25 October

Join Bright Star of Revelation, our new Westerley Oceanquest, in Chatham in July and spend the first 5 days learning how to sail the vessel and participating in your practice DofE Expedition. Then come back for your qualifying 5 day adventure in October half term. The supervising skipper and mate will be able to assist with the ‘tricky’ parts of sailing a yacht, however they will teach you all you need to know and let you have a go at berthing, unberthing and other boat handling manoeuvres!

We also include enrolment on the RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship Course.

Course date:
Practice 8-12 July
Qualifying 21-25 October
Course location:
Chatham, Kent
Course fee: