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Gold Residential Opportunity at Shannagh-more

The Education Authority – Southern Region Gold Residential Opportunity at Shannagh-more including the John Muir Award – 4-8 July 2016.

Shannagh-More is offering a five day residential of environmental projects, adventure activities and personal development experiences for up to 30 young people. The week`s programme is suitable for young people aged 16 and over who are keen to discover, explore and conserve wild places. On Tuesday 5th, a second group of young people will arrive to do their John Muir Award, assisted by the Gold participants. Some disability awareness training will take place on the first evening.

The aim is to enjoy the wild places and wildlife of South Down, mainly the rivers, lakes, coast and mountains, to contribute to looking after those places and to enhance the experience of others who will enjoy them after us. We will record the experience and encourage others to enjoy and look after our wild places in their turn.

CLOSING DATE: Friday 29 April 2016
Application forms are available from:
Shannagh-More Outdoor Education Centre, The Ballagh, Kilkeel Road, Newcastle, BT33 0LA
Telephone: 028 4372 3841 or 028 4372 2341 Email: [email protected]