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Gold Walking Package (Dartmoor)

Eight Day Expedition Package. Our Open Gold Walking Expeditions are a great way of doing your DofE Expedition in one of the UK’s National Parks.
Our eight-day walking package is designed around the DofE with a difference, this will enable you to complete your training, practice and qualifying expedition in one eight day session.
A typical eight day expedition package looks like, one days training, followed by a three day practice and then a four day qualifying expedition and will cost you £550.00 per person. your route planning is covered through our planning portal as is your basic first aid. Your instructor will help you with purchasing your supplies for your qualifying expedition should you need them.

Included in the price

Tent (Individual tents) during Covid.
Trangia and fuel(1 per person) during Covid.
First aid kit (1 per team).
Maps and Compass (2 per team).
Water Purification tablets.
Any camp site fee’s.(during the expedition only)
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