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Grumpy Moose Art Residential

Our art course will give you the opportunity to create a range of unique pieces, inspired by a range of workshops and with the time to devote to each piece. If you enjoy the freedom to create and want some fresh ideas, this course will be for you.
Our workshops will be designed to provide you with a new challenge, and will encourage you to create traditional and contemporary pieces in response to a range of tasks, including movie posters, comic strips, a range of landscape and setting pieces and fantasy portraits. Students will create sketches throughout the week, and have the chance to develop their favourites into fully fledged pieces.

Our aim is that you will leave with a portfolio of varied pieces that could form the basis of an art portfolio or just be something to look back on with pride! The cost for the week will be £375 per student, which will cover the cost of accommodation, all workshops, sketchbooks and art materials, and full board.

Please check out grumpymoose.co.uk for further details of the course and an application form, or email Adam at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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Pocklington, near York
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