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Grumpy Moose Cookery Residential

Our Cookery course is designed to give you the skills to cook for yourself at University and beyond, by helping you to get to grips with a range of simple recipes in a relaxed setting. Working with an experienced industry professional, you will prepare meals for the group, trying a range of recipes and ideas and working with your peers on different skills in the kitchen. You will also have the chance to prepare desserts and cakes, to create your own recipe ideas, and to learn how to shop and budget for your meals.

Our aim is that you leave the course with the confidence and ability to prepare and cook a variety of meals (and on a range of budgets!), including staple foods, quick lunches, simple breakfasts and healthy evening meals.

The cost for the week will be £395 per student, which will cover the cost of accommodation, all workshops, your own utensil set and recipe notebook, and full board.

For more information please go to https://grumpymooseltd.wordpress.com/

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