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Grumpy Moose Short Film Making Residential

A chance to work on your filming, acting and editing! Our film making course, held at Pocklington School, near York, will explore a range of styles and give students the chance to work with others to create a range of different films.

Seminars will look at storyboarding, camera tricks, editing and so on, and students will across the week create their own movie trailers, music videos and complete short films.

Our aim is that all students attending the course will produce a portfolio of work based on the seminars and working alongside our actors and dancers. The cost for the week will be £385 per student which will cover the cost of accommodation, all workshops and full board.

Please check out https://www.grumpymoose.co.uk for further details of the course and an application form, or email Adam at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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Pocklington, near York
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