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Grumpy Moose Wargaming Campaign Residential: 31 July–4 August 2018

Grumpy Moose ltd is offering a five day Tabletop Wargaming campaign at Sneaton Castle in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Participants will join a team of players to conduct a narrative sci-fi campaign, consisting of a series of linked games, overseen by a Gamesmaster and driven by the player’s choices and actions. Players will be expected to work together, plan their actions and make choices that have a tangible impact on the overall campaign. Using the armies provided (so no need to bring or even own your own models!), you will conduct and fight a range of themed battles that will affect, and be affected by, the events of the campaign as a whole.

Open to anyone, whether they are experienced Wargamers or complete novices, the course is limited to just eight players and will cost £350. This will cover the cost of full board accommodation, all workshops, games and materials.

Please email Adam Hall at [email protected] or check out grumpymoose.co.uk for further details of the course and an application form. Please note that places are limited, so book early!