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HSBC UK Smart Money (3 Months) – courses starting in February, March or April 2023

HSBC UK SMART MONEY is designed to build financial capability through a series of interactive webinars, practical activities, and reflections to help you develop the financial knowledge, skills, and attitudes for a successful financial future. Suitable for Bronze and Silver learners.

There are 4 modules to complete:
1.  Everyday Banking Products
2.  How to Recognise and Avoid Fraud
3.  Managing Impulsive Spending
4.  The Fundamentals of Budgeting

Each module takes 3 weeks to complete and will include a live Webinar, an activity pack and a reflection on how you will carry this information forward in your day to day lives.

Starting Dates:
8th February – Wednesday evenings for webinars
14th March – Tuesday evenings for webinars
24th April – Monday evening for webinars

Please email [email protected] to reserve your space

Course date:
3 start dates available - see listing
Course location:
Zoom Webinar
Course fee:

Opportunity Finder

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