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Hurst Farm – Prepare for University Residential – 21st to 25th October 2019

Cooking, laundry, finance, social, security and what you REALLY need to take – invaluable instruction and tips to make your move into halls as smooth as possible.

About the course

A five-day, four-night preparation for university course, led by Jo Banks, lifestyle chef.

You will complete 2 daily sessions which cover delicious, nutritious and economic meals, perfect for your busy uni life!

Additionally you will have one daily session covering other useful skills, such as earning money whilst at uni.

Congratulations! After all your hard work you have been offered a well-earned place at uni and have a place in halls. The bad news? It’s self-catering and you’ve never cooked anything more adventurous than toast or Pot Noodle. In addition to that, you don’t know how you’re going to manage without the laundry fairy who magically transforms those crumpled t-shirts on your bedroom floor into sweet smelling, tidy stacks in your drawers.

Don’t worry. Spend five informative and entertaining days with a handful of others in the same predicament, and come away fully prepared for the adventure ahead. And you’ll have ticked off the residential portion of your Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award. Jo Banks is a lifestyle chef, an experienced food presenter and events organiser. She has been teaching cooking since 2015 and focuses on fuss-free, healthy, unpretentious food, with an emphasis on the fun, the educational and the inspiring.

She has prepared a stimulating syllabus that not only builds a varied repertoire of recipes and techniques, but also covers menu planning, hygiene and safety in the kitchen, as well as shopping, storing food and coping with disasters.

To make a change from matters culinary, there will also be daily sessions on other skills useful when moving away from home, such as laundry, budgeting, and staying safe.

Of course, there will be plenty of leisure time in which to socialise with your new friends. You can play table tennis, football or any number of board games, or just watch a movie. There is a piano for the musical among you, or you can explore our 120 acre farm. The dogs are always ready for a game of fetch.

Accommodation is on site in single, twin or 4-bedded rooms, all of which have en-suite facilities. (If you need a bed on the Sunday night, please ask.) Each course can host between 6 and 8 people, so there will be plenty of individual attention. We begin at 10am on the Monday morning and end at 2pm on Friday. Book onto our inaugural course and get a 10% discount – £630 instead of the normal £700.

For more information please go to https://www.hurst.farm/


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Crockham Hill, Kent
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