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Independence 16 Scorpion Airsoft Gold Residentials – Norfolk

Are you looking for a challenging and fun way to complete your Gold Residential section?

Based in the beautiful Norfolk Countryside, Scorpion Airsoft are an ex-military team capable of ensuring you complete the required 5 days and 4 nights away from home.
The course is packed full of interesting activities, it’s fast paced and will certainly keep you on your toes. Working alongside fellow D of E participants you will gather the necessary skills required to achieve the end goal, rescue our resident VIP.

Our team of ex military and serving Fire fighters have designed an itinerary, packed full of challenging scenarios; they take place at an ex RAF Base in Norfolk. Each day is different and perfectly balanced so you gain new skills and challenge yourself. You are certain to make new friends along the way.

With all challenging events there is always a requirement to have fun too, our indoor games night is legendary added to that our end of course beach games and BBQ at Wells next the Sea is one of the many highlights of the week.


” Amazing experience, met friends for life and will never forget the people, place or time spent having laugh.” Thomas from West Midlands

” As someone who had never played airsoft, I had a great week, not just in the airsoft field, but also through meeting new people and having a laugh.” Riona from Solihull

“An amazing week despite being a total beginner to airsoft, the games were fun and the location was fun for all different scenarios. Living and playing together helped build many friendships and overall it was a great time.” Tomos

” Came into it really nervous about having to live with strangers, especially 11 boys and only 1 other girl, but the experience was amazing and made some amazing new friends, plus I learnt not to put olive oil on chips!!!!” Amy from Norfolk

” Over the 5 days I have made lots of friends, had a laugh and most importantly thoroughly enjoyed the Airsoft experience. The residential taught me the importance of planning and cooking  and battle strategy. I will certainly do it again. ” William from Surrey 

” Really enjoyed the course. I met lots of interesting people, learnt lots of airsoft strategy and got to play lots of intense Airsoft in their amazing site, which includes the abandoned hospital.” George from Gloucestershire

To view more Testimonials and further details of course requirements please visit www.scorpionairsoft.uk

Included in the cost

  • All food and accommodation
  • All bedding supplied
  • All PPE and Airsoft equipment supplied
  • All transfers from Norwich Train or airport


 Dates of course 2019


Sunday 14th April – Thursday 18th April

Monday 29th July  – Friday 2nd August

Monday 5th  –  Friday 9th August

Monday 19th –  Friday 23rd August

Monday 21st – Friday 25th October

Email [email protected]

Web www.scorpionairsoft.uk

Phone 01603 871707

Mob 07393 215941


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Scorpion-Airsoft-285112155271065/


Course Fee £350


Course location Norfolk


Content link http://scorpionairsoft.uk/duke-of-edinburghs-award

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