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ITC Outdoor First Aid, facilitated by Joy of Adventure

ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid 16 hrs

Ideal and recommended for all DofE Leaders and for any one doing their Gold DofE or wanting a GAP year

This qualification is accredited by by ITC and is OFQUAL regulated. It is the only Outdoor First Aid qualification that is externally regulated and meets the standards to appear upon a national qualifications framework.ML, BCU, BASSi RYA
The outdoor environment nearly always means that the casualty has to be looked after for a longer time scale than is typical in an urban setting.  This course is designed to meet the needs of those working away from immediate assistance in the remote and wilderness regions, or just where it might take longer than 20 mins for the emergency services to arrive
It is taught by trainers who are fully at home in the outdoors and understand the issues, dilemmas and judgments required when dealing with incidents in potentially hostile, remote environments.
Certification is dependent on successful continuous assessment of the candidate, there is no final examination. Those who successfully complete the course are awarded a certificate that is valid for three years.  The certificate entitles the candidate to be a First Aider for 3 years from date of issue. No previous first aid experience is required to attend this course.
Course Content
?Vital signs – breathing, level of consciousness, temperature, colour
?Incident management – a systematic approach to managing first aid incidents. ABCDE.
?Airway Management – causes and treatment of unconscious collapse. Safe Airway Positions.
?Breathing Problems – choking
?Circulation Problems – Internal bleeding, external bleeding and treatment for shock
?Damage – treatment of injury: head, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis, leg & arm, including remote improvised techniques
?Environmental Considerations – hypothermia, hyperthermia and cold injuries. Acute mountain sickness.
?Casualty Monitoring
?Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
?Common Illnesses – asthma, diabetes and epilepsy
?Other Illnesses – Weils disease, Lyme disease etc
?Awareness of current regulations
?Safe best practice
This course is accredited by ITC. http://www.itcfirstaid.org.uk

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