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KAZ Type – Inclusive Online Touch Typing Course (with optional National Ofqual Qualification)

Our specialised online course is suitable for mainstream learners and learners with special educational needs.

There are two options available:
1. Learn the skill of touch typing quickly and easily.
2. Learn the skill of touch typing quickly and easily and sit a final assessment to gain a National Ofqual regulated qualification, which will add to your education record.

Bronze & Silver Awards: 12 weeks (4 credits)
Gold Award: 6 months (6 credits)

The above will equip you with a valuable skill and extra credit to showcase on your UCAS application and CV.

How does it work?

On purchasing your chosen course via our web shop or through your school, you will be emailed your login details, giving you access to the course, valid for one year.

Within the ‘User Guides’ section, you will have access to:
A structured and easy-to-follow weekly ‘lesson plan’
Home-row key guide
Correct posture guide
Interface guide
Revision notes, should you choose to sit the Ofqual assessment

You will be emailed a ‘Detail’s Form’ to fill in and email back.

You can start the online course anytime and work at a pace that suits you best – from home, school, college or university.

All you have to do is follow the structured weekly lesson plan for the duration of the course and dedicate one hour a week to practice.

You will not need to upload stats in any form, as we will monitor your progress, speed and accuracy remotely via our super-admin.

Weekly Zoom sessions will be made available offering help, support, advice and encouragement.

Should you choose the ‘Course and Ofqual Assessment’ option, in the last week, you will sit the online Ofqual regulated qualification in touch typing.

If you sit the assessment at school, college or another centre, you will be invigilated by an invigilator.

If you sit the assessment at home, you will be invigilated remotely via a webcam. (If you are under 16, you will require a responsible adult in the room with you).

How much does it cost?

12-week ‘Course Only’ (Bronze/Silver) – £50
12-week ‘Course and National Ofqual Qualification’ (Bronze/Silver) – £100 (Special offer for a limited period)

6-month ‘Course Only’ (Gold) – £55
6-month ‘Course and National Ofqual Qualification’ (Gold) – £105 – (Special offer for a limited period)

How to Book:

Please click the link to our DofE web page: https://kaz-type.com/duke-of-edinburgh-bronze-silver-gold-award
Or email: [email protected]

KAZ Type courses are inclusive and suitable for everyone. By the end of the course, you will have equipped yourself with a new ‘modern day’ life skill and, if you sit the assessment, attained a National qualification – a remarkable achievement!

Course date:
Course location:
Course fee:
£50 - £105 depending on options

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