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Learn about Artificial Intelligence with Fire Tech – the hottest tech topic today!

Led by our tech-loving instructors, on the DofE Award Approved Senior Adventures in Artificial Intelligence course, you’ll create a home of the future using Artificial Intelligence (AI), program an autonomous vehicle to avoid pedestrians and objects on the road, and use IBM Watson to build a series of AI models that can recognize a celebrity Twitter account based on their tweets. The possibilities are endless!

This course does more than teach the fundamentals of AI. It also explores issues of computer bias, ethics and the moral dilemmas programmers face when using AI. This is the ideal course to spark interest in this important and dynamic technological field, and will inspire students to continue their learning journey in AI.

AI is becoming an integral part of our lives, evolving and developing faster than we think. It’s being used in medicine to spot cancer cells, courtrooms to help determine the risk of criminals re-offending, as well as in art to create new art from analysing music from composers like Brahms. PwC estimates AI deployment will add $15.7 trillion to global GDP by 2030. Interested? We thought so!

This is an online learning course led by an onscreen expert who is fully DBS-checked. You will join a small group of other young learners online, working together and making lots of progress in fun and engaging sessions. All classes are monitored and recorded for safety.

Please note, this course is 12 weeks long and fulfils the requirements for a 3 month Skills section for Bronze or Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. At the end of the course you will receive a weekly activity log and an assessment report completed by your tutor.

If you are completing your Gold Award, or Silver and you have decided to make your skills section 6 months long, you can complete our course as one part of your skills section, however it is down to your DofE Leaders discretion. Please ensure that you have approval from your DofE Leader before purchasing the course. In these cases, Fire Tech can only provide the activity log and not the final assessor’s report.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our team at [email protected]