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Learn new skills with the British Mini Rex Club

The British Mini Rex Club is a rabbit club that specialises in a small and docile breed of rabbit called Mini Rex. Rabbit shows are held most weekends at various venues throughout the UK. We have an active Junior section that meet at shows on a regular basis to exhibit their rabbits and to promote the Mini Rex and the welfare and husbandry of this breed.

Volunteering with the British Mini Rex Club is very practical and gives you the opportunity to develop fantastic new skills which include:
• Understand the diet, health care and handling of the rabbit;
• Be able to carry out routine health care tasks, including cutting nails and grooming;
• Understand the diseases which could affect rabbits and methods of prevention and/or cure;
• Understand the justification of selection of breeding stock, and its ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ and what you are trying to achieve through such matings – linked with a good understanding of the breed standard;
• Understand the implications of breeding, rearing young stock and rehoming;
• Understand and carry out the preparation of stock prior to and at shows;
• Complete the British Mini Rex Club Junior Passport;
• Learn the principles of watering, feeding and diet of rabbits;
• Research the best ways to handle the rabbits;
• Document the monthly routine for looking after rabbits.

For further information contact the BMRC Approved Activity Provider Manager at
[email protected]