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Legacy – Leadership Course – Leader For Life Certification Program

A fully online leadership course for young people in sports. A twelve-month program which can be used towards the Skill section for any level of the DofE Awards, and/or combination of levels (we can help you work out how to allocate the program to your DofE Awards).

Sports are fantastic activities for many reasons, and they provide so many opportunities to grow other non-physical skills useful in future life. The Leader For Life Certification program will help you work out what kind of leader you want to be, how to get there, and how to keep growing beyond.
In this self-paced program, we will work with you over twelve-months to develop your leadership style and you will see exceptional personal growth over the year.

This course is perfect for young people involved in sports, particularly those who are junior coaches, team captains, or who wish to grow in leadership skills in a familiar environment.

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