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Money Made Simple – “Learn how to invest in shares” skills course (Bronze/Silver/Gold)

Do you wish you had more money but don’t know where to start?

Our courses will teach you essential investing skills to set you up for life from a personal finance and investment expert.

The courses are online and can be started at any time, with the option of three, six and twelve month courses. They’re tailored to young people, with lots of practical tips and step-by-step real-life challenges with one-to-one feedback.

Our three-month course on “How to invest in shares” covers all the knowledge you need to buy and sell shares.

• You’ll learn about the basics of owning shares, why share prices move and how you can make a profit from owning shares.

• We’ll teach you how to create a balanced portfolio and how to balance risk and reward.

• You’ll research different sectors to see which would have made you the most money.

• We’ll explain how to analyse which shares to buy, including a simple introduction to valuation and key measures.

• You’ll compare some of the trading platforms on offer and the fees they charge.

• At this stage, you’re ready to start the share challenge. You’ll pick four shares and set up a virtual portfolio. Over four weeks, you’ll review how they perform against their peers, learn about dividends, tools to limit potential losses and work out the final profit or loss you’ve made.

By the end, you should be confident to buy and sell shares, including sharing your new-found expertise with friends and family.

You can also combine this course with the “How to manage your money”, “How to set up a business” and other Life Skills courses for a six-month or twelve-month option.

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