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Open Bronze – 4-day Combined Practice and Qualifying (or attend only the section needed)

Our Open Bronze expedition package combines the practice and qualifying expeditions into a 4 day programme. Participants can also choose to join for only days 1 and 2 if they need a practice expedition or days 3 and 4 for a qualifying expedition.

We team individuals and small teams together to complete their expedition and, with the support of our friendly instructors, ensure you have a fun and safe expedition!

Day 1 – DofE training framework covered
Day 2 – Navigation training
Days 3&4 – Qualifying expedition days

2021 Expedition Dates:
Saturday 29th May to Tuesday 1st June – Surrey Hills
Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd August – Surrey Hills

Expeditions are run by qualified instructors with experience of the expedition areas. All expeditions include tents, stoves, fuel, maps and compasses, route planning resources, campsite and assessors fees as well as expedition administration and comprehensive pre-expedition information. Participants must arrange their personal kit, transportation and food.

£195 full expedition programme
£100 per expedition section (Practice OR Qualifying)

For more information about our expeditions contact us on 02089400130 or [email protected] www.activadventures.com/open-expeditions/bronze/

Course location:
Surrey Hills
Course fee: