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OPEN BRONZE EXPEDITION in 2022 with First 4 Adventure UK

We are offering the opportunity for you to complete your Bronze expedition section in a supported and friendly Open group. Either book with a group of friends or join as an individual.

This Bronze expedition combines the training, practice and qualifier in 3 and a half days so that at the end you will hopefully have passed and completed the whole section. We can help you with group kit such as tents, stoves, map and compass. Prior to the expedition there will either an online or in-person meeting/training to help with your preparation and also to answer your questions.

Day 1: meet your group and with your instructor complete various workshops: stoves, tents and campcraft, first aid, kit, packing.

Day 2: Spend the day with your instructor learning to navigate with map & compass. Work together with your group and carry a rucksack. Walk approx 10km. Plan your route for your assessment.

Days 3 & 4: Walk a 2 day route with your all of your kit in your rucksack. Walk approx 10-12km each day. You will walk unsupervised, with your assessor seeing you at checkpoints throughout the day.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did for me and my group. I had so much fun on all of the expeditions and you truly made it such a wonderful experience. I definitely have a new found love for the outdoors and cannot wait to go and explore using all the skills I’ve learnt. You and all of your instructors were brilliant!”
Leoni, Open Student from 2019

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A Bronze combined training, practice & qualifier expedition (4 days) costs £220 plus VAT (£264)