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Open DofE Bronze Expeditions – Walking

We are running a series of 5 stand alone DofE Bronze Expeditions. These are being done in 4 day blocks. Each set of dates will cover all the training, planning and qualifying expeditions to successfully pass the Expedition Section at Bronze Level.
If these expeditions are cancelled for any reason a full refund will be made available. This includes participants who may be required to self-isolate within 2 weeks of the expedition.
The dates of each set of expeditions are:-
25-28 July 20 Matlock, Derbyshire
4-7 Aug 20 Matlock, Derbyshire
10-13 Aug 20 Matlock, Derbyshire
16-19 Aug 20 Matlock, Derbyshire
26-29 Aug 20 Matlock, Derbyshire

Please follow the enclosed link for further details including a statement about Covid-19

Course location:
Birchwood Farm Campsite, near Matlock, Derbyshire
Course fee: