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Carona Virus – Here at Badger Adventures we are trying to be as Flexible as possible with lockdown effecting the chances of you completing your expedition in 2020. If you sign up for an expedition, we will roll you over to the next dates if the expedition doesn’t run. Please come and have chat with the office. 01900516167

We have put more dates on at the end of July and at end of August. One solution is to practice at the end of August and Qualifying in October half term. (practice in the Lakes and Qualifying in North Wales).
All expeditions planned around good public transport

24th-29th August 2020
31st August – 4th September 2020
19th Oct – 24th Oct 2020

Course date:
Various dates available between 24th August - 19th October 2020
Course location:
North Wales
Course fee: